Friday, December 09, 2005

Too much Beer 

What a day. I went out on a school night, drank way too much with friends and got to bed after 2, then had to get up to go to work today ! I couldn't have ridden in even if I tried - was still half tanked when I woke. Needless to say that coffee was on the agenda first up...

Yesterday, about 1500 colleagues attended the inaugural Colesmyer IT expo at Telstra dome. The beer and nibbles started at about 4, and by 5.30 I was already on the way - they just kept filling our glasses up, and I wasn't complaining :)

Then I went on to drink more with Ben and Trent, before ending up Pugg Mahone's where I drank even more Guiness with some other CML friends. Oh well, it was a good night, but I thought I had learnt years ago not to do that sort of thing on a school night - that's right - I forgot again :)

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