Sunday, August 31, 2003

Crtical Mass goes flash ! 

The monthly Critical Mass gathering that was just held on Friday 28th August was run along the lines of a flash mob - more so a smart mob...
Critical Mass on Friday employed flash mob tactics to take over the intersection in front of Flinders Street station at 6.12pm. Just as suddenly as it appeared, Critical Mass was reached and it proceeded as traffic on its regular tour of the city.
[Read more in: Melbourne Indymedia...]

There are some cool pics of the mass on the intersection at Flinders Street; some well dressed and equipped cyclists complete with eSigns and a boombox; and of course the obligatory 'bike lifts'. Pity about the incident with the impatient motorist on Epsom Rd who nearly took out oncoming traffic as well as cyclists in the mass :-(

Oh well, he got what was coming to him when the accompanying bicycle police caught up with him...

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