Saturday, September 27, 2003

It's Cold and Wet in the Rain 

I took part in my second critical mass ride on Friday night. It was Grand Final eve, wet, cold and miserable weather - Quite an interesting night really.

It all started at the State Library. Some riders commented on my 4 lights and a small flashing LED on my handlebars. It always helps to be well lit when on the roads at night, but I concede that the 4 is probably a bit of over kill... I was saying that the Cat Eye night lights were too powerful and didn't have enough run time as they are dual 10W lamps - I previously used a 2.5W and a 5W set. I took out one of the globes as one guy said I should be able to get lower power globes, and he fumbled and dropped it on the footpath - Thanks Kieran! Now to find a replacement for it, but being Halogen could be expensive. At least he gave me his mobile number so I can get some cash from him if it costs too much.

We started riding towards Collingwood but got side tracked and rode up all 8 levels of a city car park - at least it got us out of the rain for a while. Back on the road we got to Collingwood, saw lots of Pies supporters, and were asked for 2 separate interviews by Nova radio reporters intrigued by our noise and vast array of colours and outfits. I opted out of drinks at the Rob Roy, because the deluge of rain left us looking like bedraggled rats and most of the mass had already scarpered away from the rain.

I headed back into the city and stopped off at the MCG to see the final preparations before the big game. Here I am thinking I was mad for being out on the bike in the wet, when I find 3 different queues of MCC members lining up for early entry to the ground to secure a seat. They had coats and brollies and sleeping bags and beer and coffee pots, but ultimately couldn't avoid the rain. Poor buggers had a long night ahead of them, and their beloved Pies let them down in the end, as the Brisbane Lions won their 3rd Premiership flag in a row. Now off to find a new Globe.

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