Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Trustworthy Computing 

Good to see that the slew of Critical Updates and Patches keep flowing from Redmond. Oh, not to mention the 'patches to patch the patches', and the 'updates to patch the patched updates'... The Windows Updates site will only patch the Windows OS itself, not SQL Server or MS Office (but that's alright, not that many people in the world have Office installed do they ?) Now it seems that along with Windows Update wreaking havoc if left to 'play' with your machine, the Office update site either doesn't work, or it gets everything totally wrong and you are left to reinstall Office.

I found this interesting quote on Woody's Office Watch:
"The Office team have a less then exemplary track-record of reliably updating their product line. I know Microsoft doesn't agree but that's because they believe their own publicity rather than what happened. This idea of letting Microsoft automatically update Office gives me the willies. Peter says it's like not only giving the lunatics keys to the asylum but renovation rights as well."
Sums it all up rather nicely I think...

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