Sunday, August 31, 2003

Crtical Mass goes flash ! 

The monthly Critical Mass gathering that was just held on Friday 28th August was run along the lines of a flash mob - more so a smart mob...
Critical Mass on Friday employed flash mob tactics to take over the intersection in front of Flinders Street station at 6.12pm. Just as suddenly as it appeared, Critical Mass was reached and it proceeded as traffic on its regular tour of the city.
[Read more in: Melbourne Indymedia...]

There are some cool pics of the mass on the intersection at Flinders Street; some well dressed and equipped cyclists complete with eSigns and a boombox; and of course the obligatory 'bike lifts'. Pity about the incident with the impatient motorist on Epsom Rd who nearly took out oncoming traffic as well as cyclists in the mass :-(

Oh well, he got what was coming to him when the accompanying bicycle police caught up with him...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The trouble with Technology 

Well, you give people the Flashmob group, and they sign up, and all goes well. Until people start posting entries. Well, to say that 'self-management' is for the 'people' is going a bit far. It was good to see heaps of people posting their praise, thanks and thoughts but then the requests to 'take me off the list' started to flood in. Needless to say that the moderator turned the list back to moderated to stem the flow. But the good ending to the story is that there is another Flashmob planned for real soon. I can't wait :-)

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Friday, August 22, 2003

Melbourne Flashmob - mobbing our site... 

Well, it seems that Troy's site is getting a lot of traffic - people the world over downloading videos of little ol' Melbourne's first Flashmob. Melbourne Indymedia has an article with 2 photos, and the 'melbourne-flashmob' group site has photo's available, along with all the email posts to date.

The event was also featured in Melbourne's daily papers, with The Age running it in a Page 2 article, and the Herald-Sun had it on Page 3.

I didn't take any unfortunately, as the instructions stated to blend in and not be obvious with a camera. I wanted to be in the mob so left the camera in the pocket. I did however get a great shot of the city as the sun was setting (even though it was from a cheap digital camera). Photo's at Sunset as SMS received and Sunset over Melbourne from St. Kilda Road

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Melbourne's first Flashmob 

Well, today saw Melbourne's first Flashmob event. Mind you only 17 days after the first yahoo Group appeared. It was fantastic to see such a great turn out, and people follow the instructions through to completion.

17:24 clicked over and out came the yellow gloves pointing upwards. Just amazing to see all the poor innocents crossing the intersection, seeing us on the steps and stopping dead in their tracks, mouths aghast at what was happening... And then by 17:25 all traces were gone.

Troy's already posted video of the event. The wonders of modern publishing technology...

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Ants (no, not the movie...) 

Did you know that an ant lives for a year, and ant colonies for 15 years?

This fascinating chapter written by Deborah Gordon in her book called
Ants At Work - How an Insect Society is Organized explains a lot about these intereesting creatures. An interesting little world down there in the ground...

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Sitting quietly in the corner 

After drinking way too much vodka (and of course the beer and champagne) last night until 4 in the morning with Steve and Troy, I am now avoiding loud noises and bright lights...

Many thanks to Troy for helping with the night, and to everyone who came last night and thanks again for my lovely cards and gifts. I had a really great time :-)

Now, back to the kitchen to get another glass of water...

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Friday, August 15, 2003

Getting Older... 

Well, sadly, yet another year fades away into obscurity as I traipse down the road of life looking at the little fluffy clouds. I at least have a few 'Birthday Resolutions' to strive for this year - or are these simply late new years' resolutions ???

Knowing me, they're probably just late :-)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

What do you do with your old 'To-Do' lists ? 

Well, it seems that one very well organised Londoner knows - publish them on the web of course !
Check out http://www.wibsite.com/todo/ to see just what he has achieved...

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It seems that The dullest blog in the world is in danger of becoming too interesting... 

It's been Yahoo site of the day, there's been a feature in the New York Times and we've had many thousands of extra visitors. But is all this attention in danger of making the the dullest blog in the World too interesting? [www.wibsite.com/wibblethorpe]

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Hi there. I finally jumped on the 'blog' bandwagon, even if it is only on a free site, but I will end up hosting it on our home server one day - just as soon as I learn enough to do it...

Stay tuned for further Brent rantings... :-)

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