Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Happy Birthday Catherine ! 

My dear friend Catherine turns 28 tomorrow - yes time keeps marching on and stops for no man -- or woman as it may!

As Troy says, just keep telling yourself 30's not all that bad and it wont be by the time you get there. I know, I'm never all that far behind you. But Troy will get there before us, and Mark has been there for a while !!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday for tomorrow and I hope you have a good day (only 1hr and 48 minutes to go...) May it bring many smiles and hugs :-)

WHat are you talking about??? I am only 25. Again.


So Brent, when will we hear about your birthday which happened in the recent past?

Catherine...not sure if she's 28 or 29...it's been a long week!
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